About Us

TRIPLE STARR STAFFING has been providing reliable staffing solutions to the business world for over 9 years with 25 years of experience behind us.

When our founder and CEO first began working in this industry, it did not take very long before people noticed her unique and special zeal for the business. During her 15 year career in the temporary employment sector, she has gained experience working in every aspect of the staffing business. In December of 2006, she branched off to form Triple Starr Staffing Inc. Since its inception 10 years ago, Triple Starr Staffing has, and continues to be, a front runner in supplying qualified, reliable and dedicated employees to businesses across the Greater Toronto Area.

TRIPLE STARR STAFFING has been expanding our services and building our reputation as a reliable, customer-focused organization. This has allowed us to provide our customers with excellent value and high levels of service and satisfaction.